Simple Clean Responsive

Building innovative and successful digital stories for web and mobile.  

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Time To Tell Your Story

Imagine a world where your customers embrace everything you do because they totally love your brand.

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Creative Design for your Business

We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLS”.
“Web Design Experts! Get Instant Solution!”

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eCommerce Solution

eCommerce websites – Your business is on even while you sleep, We offer variety of services.

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TECHOPTIMS, a leading digital innovation company.

Web Design & Development

We help our clients develop creative websites. And we bring it all together in an interface that reflects our clients and their users and customers.

Mobile App Development

Techoptims is a top-notch mobile app development company offering mobile application development services for iPhone, iPad and Android.

IoT and Smart Home Tech

Build a smart home with IoT technologies from Intel, including context awareness, sensory and movement recognition, data analytics, and more.

Search Engine Optimization

More than 60% of the traffic to our website are from search engines. It is proven that an effective SEO strategy will drive targeted traffic to your website and increase your ROI.

Cloud Solutions

Most compelling benefits of the cloud aren’t just cost-savings. They’re the increased flexibility, elasticity and scalability available to optimize efficiency and best serve the needs of the business.

AI & Automation

Automation is combined with machine learning, everything can improve even faster, so 2018 has the potential to be a truly landmark year.

Professional Web Design

At Techoptims, we build professional, cost-effective websites for small to medium sized businesses. Techoptims Smart Web was formed specifically with the goal of taking what has previously been a complicated and expensive experience and turning it into an affordable and simple process. Thanks to TSW’s affordable website design no longer means inferior quality.

Manage your business like a boss

Hotel Management

A hotel management system is a comprehensive system that automates all operation of a hotel such as front office operations, reservations, housekeeping...Read More

Restaurants Management

Running a restaurant is no easy feat. You have a never-ending list of tasks, from managing the front desk, to revising menus and checking in on the kitchen...Read More

School Management ERP

School ERP ideal for educational Institutes. Techoptims provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of the school community...Read More

Real Estate Management

Get an eagle-eye view of what’s going on at your projects/properties, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Streamline operations, and save time with intiutive features such as manage sales, agent's performance, payments and billing...Read More

Customer Service ERP

Start using Qualitas to count every customer delight and effecective issue resolution in a cost effective manner. Effortless services quality assurance is the need of every service provider...Read More

Lead Management System

Lead management bridges the gap between marketing and sales. It's a customer acquisition process which identifies potential buyers (leads)...Read More

Check out our awesome range of services.

We make sure you have everything to be successful online

  • A website build and unlimited updates with just an email or call to your web expert.
  • Professional design including awesome images and written content for your business.
  • Be indexed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines with in-built on-page Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Tracking and Analytics tools to view and measure your online success.