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Affordable smart phones and internet packages available in Indian market are going to help the Internet usages  in coming next 2-3 years. Recent launch of 4G is certainly an step forward to make digital india successful. Currently India’s internet population is growing the way it is expected to, maybe at a better rate.  As per a recent analysis, India is set to overtake U.S. to have the second-largest population of Internet users after China.

There is no other market in the world where the mobile dominates the Internet as much.  When India had 325 million Internet users, approximately 190 million were on mobile Internet, about 130 million on smartphones with just half of that figure in 3G.

Use of English on Indian websites has made it easier for global giants to enter the market, which has given consumers a much wider choice of applications and boosted local application developers and technology start-ups.

As more people start using the internet, they will gain access to services and products which was very difficult to access earlier. The growth of internet in India has revolutionized travel, education, retail, and agriculture sector and internet is no more a luxury or for rich people only. All services either in public or private sector are coming online and this is a good sign. This will make more transparency in system and ease of access for everyone.

Recent events and trend makes “Internet Growth Story of India” more promising.


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