With Smartphone and Tablets you are always online everywhere and can do almost all your work. But in some case you may need your computer, specially if you are very fond of saving files locally rather than dropbox. But don’t worry, its not a problem anymore. With Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop app you can access you computer anywhere anytime and also it doesn’t require installing any clunky desktop software.

The setup process is quite simple and doesn’t take more than five minutes with little technical knowledge.

How to install the Chrome app

You can use below links to download the app on any device where you want to use Chrome Remote Desktop:

  1. For iPhone and iPad
  2. For Android phone or tablet
  3. For your computer

How to allow remote access to your computer

  1. Type chrome://apps in your address bar and press Enter.
  2. Click Chrome Remote Desktop .
  3. Under “My Computers,” click Get started.
  4. Click Enable remote connections.
  5. Install the Chrome Remote Host Service on your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux)

Watch out for pop-under UAC prompts and set a PIN for the PC. This PIN will be used while establishing remote connection. In order to establish a successful connection, your PC should be up, running and connected to the Internet.

This app also gives you an option to share your computer with someone else too. Just use the share button and it will give you an unique code which will be used by your friend to connect. Your friend just need to click on Access button and enter the code to connect to your computer remotely.

Chrome Remote Desktop app is an awesome addition by Google. It’s delivering a truly user-friendly experience that’s not very common in the world of remote desktop software. It’s fast, easy to setup and most important it’s free and you don’t even need to install any additional software on your PC if you’re already using Chrome.

Feel free to share your thoughts using comment box.


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