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Companies/Organisations, School, Colleges or Government Organisations etc around the world depend on computer networking to keep their employees, students connected and business flowing. And this creates a huge demand for Network Administrator because all these can’t run without a network and these networks requires administrators.

Network administrators are a key part of the IT workforce. There’s been huge growth in the number of network administrator jobs over the past few years. Though network administration looks very promising but it isn’t for everyone.  It offers plenty of rewarding – and profitable – challenges for those who can fill up technical knowledge and put it to practical use.

We will try to give some insights here and provide some reasons why it could be just the career path you’re looking for.

  • GREAT LEARNING OPPORTUNITY  If you check the Job descriptions for network administration and network engineering, you will notice phrases like “high-level management,” “hardware evaluation,” and “network configuration.” In reality, none of two company networks are quite alike and most of a company’s network procedures will have been ironed out through a long-term tailoring process. This means that most of a particular job’s specifics will be covered in on-site training, as one company’s qualifications – elaborate though they may be – aren’t likely to translate directly to another company’s networking needs. This creates a challenge for you but at the same time it offers you a great learning opportunity.


  • ALWAYS IN DEMAND With growing use of Computers and Internet, use and complexity of Networks going to increase only. Let’s take a simple example: A school which was completely offline and using manual registers to maintain accounts/student records. There was no computer education lab or network. New management wants to setup infrastructure for computer education. Also they want to setup a school/community website for students to remain connected and shared ideas, check their results etc. Now you see here if school management wants to achieve these facilities, they will have to have a network setup first. This brings a Network Engineer/Administrator in picture because they need a qualified person to manage these things.Specially in India, things have started to be changed, businesses/school/communities are coming online and creating new opportunities.


  • YOU ARE FIT IN ALMOST ANY INDUSTRY Networks are integral to the functioning of almost any large business, from manufacturing to food service to science and nonprofit activism. Once you’ve proven yourself as a dependable administrator, you’ll be able to market yourself as a useful asset in any form of business that sparks your curiosity. In fact, developing nations are also expressing more interest than ever at building up their technological infrastructure which means network administration could be your ticket to visit exotic lands across the globe, contributing real-world impact everywhere you go.


  • GREAT CHANCES FOR ADVANCEMENT If you’re looking for a career, rather than just a job, a network administrator position is a great way to go. The chances for advancement in this industry are higher than in others, in part because a network administrator’s job is so flexible. You can be put in charge of projects, such as leading the change to the cloud, then move into a different role once you’ve gained experience with your company’s network.


  • DEVELOPING REAL-WORLD SKILLSAs a network administrator, you’ll be tending to a wide range of work-related issues, including protecting your systems from viruses and fixing the printer when it goes offline. Guess what? Those are hugely useful skills to have in the real world. You’ll find that friends and loved ones will call on you when they need help with their everyday computer problems, and you can fix them in a snap.


  • FREELANCE OPPORTUNITIES The majority of IT professionals decide to go to work for a single company, enjoying the security of steady benefits and a guaranteed paycheck. Others prefer the flexibility and potentially large payouts of freelance work. There’s a growing demand for freelance network administrators, whether they are filling in at a large company, working for a smaller company that can’t afford a full-fledged IT department, or simply picking up work on the side to supplement a day job.


Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment and share your thought about Network Administration.

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