Business Requirement document and Functional Requirement documents creation is a one of key responsibility of a Business Analyst. People commonly confuse between  Business Requirement document and Functional Requirement document. In continuation of our Business Analysis series of articles we are posting the second article which gives you an idea of difference between these two type of documents.


Difference Between Business Requirement Document and Functional Requirement Document


Business Requirement Document (BRD) explains the “What” aspect of the Requirements i.e what is required? It also states about the high level business requirement along with the business need and business problem.


Functional Requirement Document (FRD) explains the “How”aspect of the Requirements i.e “How” the “What” can be achieved. Functional Requirement document states about the functionality required in the application designed for the business problem and mentioned in the Business Requirement Document. It mentions the Functional as well as Non functional requirements. Functional requirement are described with the help of Use case description and Use case diagram where as Non functional requirements like capacity, performance etc. are also mentioned.

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In the next article we will talk about UML and Use cases. Till then happy reading !!


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