Yes, you heard it right. Google is planning to kill your password by giving you a password  free login facility in near future with its project called Abacus.

What is Project Abacus?

With Project Abacus, a user will be able to sign into  applications or unlock their devices on the basis of “Trust score”. This score would be vary or calculated using a number of factors, including your pattern of typing, your current geo-location, speed and other things.

Abacus would lock or unlock devices and apps based on a cumulative “trust score” — as your phone continually monitors and recognizes your location patterns, voice and speech patterns, how you walk and type, and your face (among other things).

It’s also worth mentioning here that the required Trust Score to successfully login depends on the application itself. For example, a banking or e-commerce  application may require a higher score compared with a mobile game.

Many experts says that it will beat the current authentication system such as two way authentication method where you rely on a SMS to login.  But again it brings some concerns too as data collection of everything you do online. We hope that Google will certainly address these privacy concern and will have some features to protect it.

Like any new technology it brings some benefits and raises some concerns but we can’t deny the fact that Abacus does have the potential to open more doors for the future of online safety.

Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment and share your thought that what do you think about Project Abacus.

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