Google has introduced Google Prompt a simple two-step verification method in order to make your account safer and login hassle free. It requires just a simple yes/no to approve a log in.

Setup process is quite simple. User will receive a Google prompt notification on his/her phone to approve or deny the login request when he or she is trying to login into Gmail or any other Google app product. Google has made things more easier because this feature is actually integrated into Android using Google Play and users just need to update to the latest version. For iPhone users, they will have to get Google Search application installed on their phone.

Users can go to Google’s My Account page to enable this feature. Once enabled, users will receive alert pop-ups when trying to sign in to their Google account.

Google Prompt is going to make your account more secure and less hackable without any inconvenience.  What do you think about this new feature, leave your thought using comment box.

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