The core of Internet of Things is, its versatility of the machine to machine communication, which enables a cloud computing or mesh networks of data-gathering sensors to communication with users mobile or any devices, required to be notified for any significant changes in the environment.

Kevin Ashton, cofounder of Auto-ID Centre a leading research group in the field of networked radio-frequency identification (RFID) and emerging sensing technologies, was the one who coined the name IOT in 1999. He used IOT as a title of a presentation, he made to the American consumer goods company P&G, describing IOT as a system where a physical world is connected to the internet via ubiquitous sensors, actuators, location devices and internet connected alarms etc.

It’s been a glorious 25 years of internet and connected world, now it’s time when the power of World Wide Web to connect people, data, things and processes together to transform human’s life and businesses. Internet was revolutionary since the beginning and has a greater impact on our culture and commerce.

Apples Home Kit, Google Glasses, NFC Payment, Bluetooth beacons, Augmented Reality Goggles and Wearables devices made by conductive threads are shaping and transforming everything, we interact with in our daily life.

The most significant contribution of Internet Of Things, will be impacting human life by shaping with, greater connectivity and ultimate functionality and all this will be happening due to the significant  transformation of secure wireless standards, cloud computing and fabrication techniques of Integrated Circuit’s manufacturing. Now there is virtually no limit, what can be connected to the internet like in your house, water purification system that will report the quality of the drinking water, along with your usage in real-time. Smart doorbells connected to your smart phone for welcoming the guest, Smart doors, which can be locked or unlocked from thousands miles away from your home, get the detailed view or information regarding your home environment regardless, how far you are from your home, your Curtains, garden irrigation, feeding your pets, lights and intrusion detection all connected to your smart home at your service with a click of a button on your smart phone.


Mr. Ataur Rahman | Director – Baliapur Institute of Technology | Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India

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