Most likely you’ve been using email to keep track of customer complaints and never had any problem with this. What you probably don’t realize is how much simpler ticketing software makes resolving customer issues. The organization it provides helps with efficient problem resolution, which benefits customers and companies.

Why Do You Need a Ticketing Software Instead of Email Support?


  1. Better Prioritization

A ticketing system allows you to prioritize the customer complaints and assign resources accordingly. For example, “Network is down” and another issue “Customer can’t reset his password”. Obviously problem 1 requires more attention as network issue may be affecting multiple customers hence this issue must be addressed on priority.


  1. Information is centralized

When IT support staff has to sift through different email accounts to find requests, work can become confusing. Ticketing software keeps all requests in one place, which results in less stress for support staff and faster problem resolution for customers. Email systems can also get complicated if more than one employee works on the same problem. Employees have to remember to cc each other to keep each other informed. With ticketing systems, the entire history of the issue is in one place, including who worked on it and what they tried.


  1. Provides built in tracking and reporting metrics

If you have a Ticketing system, it’s become easier to determine whether someone is working efficiently since you are tracking information. You can track things easier, for example, you can run a report on every ticket a teammate has worked on in the past month.


  1. Fosters collaboration

It’s not practical to share emails every time a support person is off shift but if you have a ticketing system you don’t have to worry about it at all. All relevant information is logged in ticket and next shift has everything required to take over.  It fosters the collaboration and make sharing information easier.


Multiple people can work on the same issue, and in doing so can keep their progress in the same place.

  1. Brings transparency

Ticketing system helps you to view details that email systems don’t provide. It gives information about the customers and departments that submit the most support requests, which helps in allocating resources. A ticketing system also shows unresolved tickets, the status of tickets, and which employees worked on a certain ticket. All of this information is helpful when it comes to providing customers with quality, efficient support.


  1. Professionalism

Ticketing software looks more professional than email, and companies can advertise that they use it. This software provides customers with confidence that the company cares about their issues and will actually help them. When customers just see an email, they may become concerned about whether anyone actually checks that email and how often. This is anxiety-provoking for customers when they’re having urgent problems.

Since ticketing software looks professional, small businesses gain an edge when they use it. Many small businesses just use email while the larger enterprises have ticketing software. Therefore, small businesses that use ticketing software look bigger than they are and more sophisticated. They’ll also gain an edge over bigger companies that are still using the email method.


  1. Ensures continuity

The knowledge base in ticketing software enables support workers to solve the same problem with the same solutions. This provides continuity in service because all workers are on the same page regarding which solutions to try for a certain problem.

Ticketing software also provides continuity when it comes to reassigning tickets. You can easily re-assign a ticket to a different worker if one worker leaves. The new worker can just pick up where the old worker left off. They’ll see a detailed history of the problem and solutions the old worker already tried. There’s no need for them to dig through the old worker’s email account to find information.


We use Qualitas to provide service and support to our customers and strongly believe that every person or business care about their customers need a ticketing system to address their concerns. It’s an investment which will eventually return in higher customer satisfaction and more business to your company. If you are interested to know more or wish to try Qualitas, please visit and request for a demo.

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