All websites whether its large or  small—run the risk of crashes and data loss. CodeGaurd offers very efficient way to back up your website automatically. With CodeGaurd, you can select a plan, setup your backup preferences and CodeGaurd will do rest of things for you meaning regular backup on set intervals.

Why Codegaurd?

Because crash of your website or loss of customer data may result in business losses, repetitional risk to your business and may cause legal problems as well. CodeGuard’s cloud backup lets you recover your website data instantly, with just a few clicks. Click here to know more  about this product.

Some key features of CodeGaurd:

Automatic backups

CodeGuard works behind the scenes. Which means you can turn it on and sit back while CodeGuard takes regular backups of your data.

Easy to setup

Just connect your website to CodeGuard by giving them your SFTP/FTP/MySQL information. They will take an initial backup and show you real time updates of its progress.

Monitor daily for changes

CodeGaurd monitors it as well and if  during monitoring if they detect a change you will receive an alert via email notifying you of what was added, modified, or deleted with timestamp.

Restore from any point

You can restore your website or database to any previous backup version. You can download a zip of the contents at any time, choose an automatic restore, or restore individual files and folders.

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Regular website backups are the best insurance policy you can buy for your online business. CodeGaurd really measures up to the claim of being a time machine for your website. Using the FTP / MySQL method, you can backup just about any website.

We always recommend storing your backups on third-party cloud servers which makes CodeGuard an ideal backup solution for anyone starting out.

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