Why Someone Wants to Hack Your Website?

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There could be many reason why someone/hackers want to hack your website. Let’s start from beginning of Internet and services, hackers used to hack website to show off their skills and boost their ego that see I am capable of doing this. But technology has become more sophisticated now and it’s integrated to our daily lives.

For example: In last 5-10 years we have seen exponential growth in Internet Banking sector in India and it has become a standard now. Almost every bank is offering this facility to their customers and people can pay send their friends money or even pay bills with the click of a mouse.

Although services such as Internet Banking make our lives more convenient and easy, it has also presented a problem with hacking. So the purpose and motivations for hackers here have been changed to access your personal and private information.

We will try to describe the prime motivations behind hacking attempts. There are many reasons why hackers attack website

Vulnerability Scanning (Finding Security Loopholes)

Vulnerability Scanning is a security technique that is used to identify security weaknesses in a network or a computer system. Usually this is a security measure and used by network administrators for obvious security purposes. However, hackers or bad guys can also infiltrate in to your system using this security tactic to gain unauthorized access, which can open the door to other infiltration tactics and motivations. Security loopholes are basically the gateway to additional attacks.

Disrupt Your Server Operation

These kind of attacks may have their own personal reasons usually and in this hackers only focus to shut down or render a particular website useless. One of the most popular forms of server disruption attacks are Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS. DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system (Web Server) causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. These compromised systems continuously ping a certain web server to overload a website and ultimately, shut it down.

Picking Your Pocket (Financial Gain)

This purpose of hacking is what most people afraid of. As we mentioned earlier example about online/internet banking, these guys are looking for your passwords, bank account information, credit card information, identity, or some other way to take your hard-earned money such as selling your stocks, initiating unauthorized e-money trades, holding your information hostage for payments, and so on.

This type of motivation for hackers is what everyone is most fearful about. As I mentioned above, online banking has been a revelation for some; however, the benefits definitely have its drawbacks. Online banking has paved the way for cyber thieves to digitally steal from you by placing banking Trojans or malicious lines of code specifically designed to steal money from you.


Stealing Information or Intellectual Property

So we just discussed about Financial reason, but stealing information is also a major motivation for hackers and a big concern for online customers/users. In this threat, hackers try to steal or access your personal and private information for various reasons such as assuming your identity or expose a website and its valuable database. Unlike hackers who want quick financial gains, these lowlifes have specific information targets and often intend to stay for months to years.

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Website Defacement

Website Defacement attacks are usually done by individual or groups to grab people’s attention. Now there could be multiple reason behind this as politically driven or just as a source of fun. These days we hear various news about hackers defacing some websites to protest about something. Growth of internet has helped in growing skill level and overall widespread knowledge of hacking among the youth. Sometime these youths /students are out to test their knowledge and try to deface website.

website defacement


Malicious Code Execution

Malicious Code Execution is not as simple and need a level of proficiency to do this. This is a powerful form of hacking which allows hackers to take control of someone computer and execute the malicious code. In this type of attack hackers just infect a user with malware in order to take control of that user’s computer through the execution of commands or code. When hackers run their code, this can be one of the first steps of turning a user’s computer for DDoS attacks and other purpose. Having this kind of unprecedented access can lead to a limitless number of suspicious activities than a hacker can perform without even a trace of being caught.


Thank you for reading this article, please feel free to leave a comment that whats your thought about main motives of website attacks.


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