Techoptims Solar Services

We are glad to announce  that Techoptims has introduced one more service to its portfolio. We have started Solar equipment distribution, installation and post-sales service and support. With growing level of mercury and frequent power cuts has made it very difficult for people and everyone is looking for some sort of alternative of normal electricity.

There are many benefits of solar power. People make the switch to solar energy and harness the free power of the sun for many reasons. But here are the top reasons thousands of people just like you are doing it:

Techoptims Solar Services

Free energy

Why should you pay high electricity prices when the sun will give it to you free?

Take the power back into your own hands
With solar energy you can take matters back in your own hands, produce some, or all of your electricity.

Protect yourself against rising energy costs
Like everything, the cost of power is always increasing – in this case, between 2.5-7% each year. By producing your own electricity, you avoid rising energy costs and save yourself the monthly heartbreak.

Increase your property value
Installing a solar system increases the average property value by 3-4% and houses that have a solar system installed usually sell twice as fast as other properties on the market.

Get a good return on your investment
Most solar systems will pay for themselves within the first five years, and over the 25-year guaranteed performance warranty that comes with most systems, you are in for some serious savings! Solar is not an expense, it’s a sound investment.

Contribute to sustainable living
Small changes on an individual level add up to big changes on a global level. By going solar you are doing your part to help make the planet a better place to live now and in the future.

It lasts a long time!
Most solar panels are rated to last 30-40 years. Our solar panels carry a 25 year performance guarantee.

It’s really affordable!
Government help and support has made Solar equipment really affordable. Solar solutions are not that expensive anymore but if you still need finance options, there are many banks offering easy finance for solar making solar energy easy and affordable.

It’s easy and hassle-free
There’s a lot involved with solar, but we make it simple. We take care of the whole process for you, you can just sit back and wait for the savings to roll in.

Why not?
Why not going Solar?  There is no such reason that why should you not go for solar energy.

Contact us today for a completely free consultation to find out

– what size of system you’d need

-what your investment will be

– what you’ll save.

Please visit our dedicated website for Solar Services and send your feedback. We want to thank everyone who came to our inauguration event and for continuous help/support.

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