You must have heard in last couple days about Samsung’s new phone Galaxy Note 7 catching fire or getting exploded. Samsung has recalled these new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after reports. The company said it had “conducted a thorough investigation and found a battery cell issue.”

There are 35 reported cases out of 2.5 million total phones  produced. While this figure is relatively high (batteries typically fail at a rate of 1 in tens of millions) but it’s still far from common.

Company urges Note7 users to power down their devices and immediately participate in exchange program. The recall is obviously a big embarrassment for Samsung. Over one million phones will need to be replaced at considerable cost, and the halt in sales comes at a time when the device was still being rolled out globally.

Samsung wants to restrict the charge to 60 per cent at all times to avoid overheating, which may lead to battery explosion eventually. This is the quick fix is being suggested to stubborn Galaxy Note 7 owners who don’t want to return their devices, despite the global recall over batteries that might potentially explode. Samsung is issuing a software update that caps the battery’s recharge capacity at 60 percent as well. The update will start September 20th for South Korean customers. It is unknown at the time whether the US or other parts of the world will receive the update.

Samsung has started an exchange program in Singapore, device owners can book an appointment and opt for self collection or free home delivery. More details can be found here.

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